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The presets and color looks offered here are highly adjustable and recommend for more experienced users.

Each of the presets contain a professional color and curve adjustment, not a full edit.

And here, is why:

" Every Photographer has it's own style and the idea of the perfect RAW shot. This is what makes you special and gives your photo the desired look. I don't want to take this away but by handing out a simple drag and drop preset I want to give you the chance to make something that is your own. While the presets do not affect your basic settings, I adjusted the curves, toning, and calibration settings to get you in the right way. With a PDF file attached to the download, you can find all kinds of different ideas and possibilities within these looks.

Whatever you choose to do with those settings and funny little sliders is up to you, play around, find your look, and what you like and with a little help. . . you just made your own preset :)


in order to achieve your desired look, I highly recommended knowing the basics of Adobe Lightroom or a similar editing application.

The presets were developed for Adobe, Lightroom (Classic and mobile), Camera Raw, Photoshop and PremirePro





9,99$ Regular Price
1,22$Sale Price
  1. dng picture for your apple smartphone
  2. xmp file for LRc | LR | Android. . . 
  3. "how to" sheet
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