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Trapping reality - art project

Welcome to just another day in just another city in Europe. Welcome to Muenster.

"I felt like capturing those moments that feel like a unreal, robotic, and cold world to me sometimes. yet are so normal to everyone around me."

When it comes to photography I have always had a passion for simple street photography. Capturing everyday moments and situations, that most people see but never really see... you know what i mean.

Most times when I'm in big cities or first world countries I see the same behaviour in people. The ignorance towards one another and the need to showcase own achievements or things.

It seems like somewhere along the way the first world got pretty cold and heartless and everyone seems to be used to it.

I mean don't get me wrong even if you lose your job and have health issues. . . this here is the place to be, but this here is more about the human part.

I personally find it within myself as well, that we never really worry about situations until we are in them ourselves.

Everyone is trapped in their own reality. Battling with hopes, fears and dreams. What amazes me the most tho it that the term "settling for less" is everywhere.

The first time i heard someone say that was in 2016 when a friend of mine described why he dropped everything to go traveling. And I mean everything, his job, girlfriend of six years and and and. We thought he was batshit crazy, but he was so determined that talking to him made no difference.

aaaaaanyways, what does that mean for us ? In my eyes did the first world lose it's love towards each other and towards life. I see more fear and hate than smiles and joy. I see more ignorance than acceptance. but most of all I miss seeing unity.

"While everything moves forward, we move backwards"

If you settle for less you will get unhappy frustrated and angry along the way, you see others on social media and wish to be in the same place, but you are also aware that that will not happen. Jealousy, hate and other negative emotions are becoming normal. But who are we becoming ?


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