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City stories - Paris, FR

Weddings | Portraits and of course street snaps from the city of love and overpriced restaurants.

The lovely city of Paris, the style, the history, the flair, the unfriendly locals.

It's just one of those things you need to see for yourself.

This here is a mixture from several trips and adventures with a little backstory to it.

Good Morning Paris


About 80% of my time in Paris it was either raining or grey. I tried every season and yet I feel like we never got off on the right foot.

My transportation of choice is the train system in Paris, since parking is an absolute shitshow and the taxi drivers barely speak a word of english and tent to take you on little detours.

In and around the City Paris is and feels like going back in time. Due to an early surrender in the 2nd World war the city was not bombed to its grounds and the old buildings and streets still look the way the looked a hundred years ago.

Paris, but only a bit

I had this idea of a portrait I absolutely wanted to take, It should be clear that it was a shot in Paris, but without looking like a tourist or like it was a staged campaign.

Luckily Angy is an absolute amazing model and was up for a whole bunch of ideas until we came across a little bakery shop.

While I was trying to keep Angy's mood up by feeding her I saw the perfect frame for my photo. We borrowed a chair from the bakery and here is the result:

"In my eyes, this is Paris."

a little side street with a typical bakery a beautiful model in a dress and the eiffel tower in the background.

The running around was over and we went to grab a coffee and a planned our evening.

Let's be tourists

It certainly is one of the places where there is simply no way around the tourist attractions and areas. As I usually try to avoid anything that has to with it in Paris is kind of a MUST on the list.

It's impressive to see the Eiffel Tower right in front of you I mean, that thing is fucking huge. hard to believe how they build it.

Bottom line, this city has it's flair and it's charm and I'm always happy to come back, even if it's just for a few days. It's always worth the visit.

The weeding

By the end of summer I had a job with a couple that got married a year before, some weeding pictures under the eiffel tower. Now you see, a job I dreamed of, unfortunately if you can remember I was always pretty unlucky with the weather and this streak should continue.

Ben and Natalie are a wonderful couple and try to travel and see as much of the world as they can with their little daughter. We spend a fun few days in Paris waiting for the one moment where it wouldn't rain. As soon as it cleared up we jumped, changed and started our shooting at the tower.

Luckily there's Photoshop and we got what we came here for.

On the list

Paris is, when not traveling for work, definitely an expensive place to be. The restaurants are quite pricey and accommodation is an absolute nightmare. But it is so worth it for the great experience of culture, food and architecture.


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