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The place we would always come back to.

January 2020, Malin and I were living on an Island in the Gulf Of Thailand. Working, diving and spending time with our little island family. Malin talked a lot about Bali and how beautiful it is and how much I would love it.

“Beauty is everywhere.”

In my days I have seen a lot of places and different cultures and environments. None of those have ever been even close to what Indonesia and especially Bali has to offer.


Now, a local friend of mine used to say that Bali and especially districts like Canggu are the Monaco of Asia, and he couldn’t have been more right.

From luxury resorts in the middle of the jungle to incredible villas on empty beaches.

You can simply jump on your bike and go from a rice field into the mall within 10 minutes.


Bali has much more to offer than surfing and exploring the beauty,

Bali has also been a base and ground for a lot of young and new business owners who, just like us, are trying to make their dream work and give it their all.

It's hard to explain to others what a normal day living and working in paradise is like.

There are whatsoever a lot of up and downsides to taking a gigantic step like that and from my previous experience in Thailand I can tell you, it takes balls.

More to come
"Welcome to paradise"

It's absolutely a bucketlist place, theres much more to explore and to do. For sure to be continued in 2021.


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