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Midnight in Bangkok

The city that made me who I am today, my first big jobs and my first time all alone in asia. I have a lot of memories about this place, here are my favorite adventures and shots ;)

My first time

In Bangkok was somewhere around 2016, the first time i really travelled by just myself to a different continent. and holy shit was I nervous and excited and scared and happy and just fucking overwhelmed.

I wasn’t much of a creator back then and so overwhelmed by everything that I barely shot any pictures or videos. barley... Let me present you the "high end quality" work I produced back then.

We all started somewhere ;) lol

I spent a good four days in bangkok back then before heading out to my later home ( haha I had no idea back then ) Koh Tao, in the southern Surat Thani district of the kingdom.

Diving and happiness

Before I drift off (you know that happens) into the Koh Tao story imma stop right here and we will continue that in a new post. Let's just say I was into diving, bikes and just a regular island lifestyle in my first two months in Asia.

Coming back "home"

A few months and decisions later I came back to Bangkok. This time, I was somewhat close to being a creator and actually knowing wtf i'm doing there.

I started to spend a lot of time in and around Bangkok and I started to make friends and get to know local people. In that time i traveled a lot between Europe and Asia, work every job there was and try to make some money outta the whole photo and film thing.

Bangkok was about to change everything

Bikes and Cars

Through my local friends I managed to get a few really amazing jobs and turning points in my career. My first film was about bikes and stunts in Bangkok and a bit later I had the chance to work with the boys from Speedhunters and Liberty Walk (car stuff) Bangkok.

Not only were these amazing opportunities but also shaped me to become who I am today.

"It's just you and no one else"

I learned one thing really quickly and through hard lessons. KNOW YOUR SHIT! I we were mostly working in teams before and there was always someone who could help or who you could ask, having to manage a complete set, the equipment, locations, lights etc etc on your own is a big challenge, especially if you are trying to focus on being the camera operator and riding backwards without a helmet on some guys bike lol. It was an absolute crazy adventure and I think one of my dopest memories from Bangkok.

Side streets

What's the side of Bangkok you don’t see as a tourist ?

Bangkok has a lot more to offer than drugs, hookers and drinks (surprise).

Most tourists never leave Khaosan road or make it to "the real" Bangkok unfortunately and I personally think that this is fucking sad.

I don’t even know where to start, let's keep you guys reading so THE FOOD. OMG! 😮 I have always had a big love for snacks and spices and like basically everything. A few miles away from the touristic areas you can find little (for first world people, WEIRD) looking street-kitchens and shops. Everyone is so friendly and just happy to meet you that besides the food it’s an cultural experience itself.

While, shopping, enjoying the culture and meeting people is fun and games there's also the side of bangkok that you don’t want to see. Social security, free healthcare, or unemployment money are simply non existent in Thailand. That means if you are unlucky or life just gets critical at some point, there is not much that will help you and once you are in there it's not easy to get out.

Along the way I met some of the richest and poorest people in the capital and all of them have been greatly open and friendly towards me and I was truly surprised by the way I was treated. I think the true meaning of friendship was something that I learned in Asia as well.


Filming my first Video in Bangkok I met one of my really close friends today, David Witzke @amracing88

I don't even know where to start about this guy, simply a really selfless person that would rather share his last food with you than for you to go hungry. David is half German and half Thai, growing up in Germany till he was a teenager and then moving back to Bangkok with his sister Sue his mum and dad he spent most of his life in Bangkok.

He is not only an amazing stunt rider and bike builder but also kind of a celebrity around the bike scene in Asia. Everyone knows him and Sue and together we would go on unforgettable rides with sick bikes through the never ending adventure of Bangkok.

over the years we made a lot of friends and memories together, and he is one of the biggest reasons I had so much possiblest in Bangkok.

Go for it

I can only say that Bangkok is definitely one of the places that shaped me and the way I am today the most. I can highly recommend to go on your own adventure and away from all the touristic places and see where you end up. I would love to hear your stories.

Cheers ;)


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