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MidSummer Scapes - Sweden

"It was a magical swedish summer"

Spring/Summer of 2020, My first time back in Europe and my first time in Sweden.

As so often on our adventures I had no idea where I was going or what it would be like. For me Sweden was this cold and nordic place, where in parts of it the sun wouldn't shine in the winter.

And this was as far as my knowledge about Sweden went.

My first visit

By the end of May 2020 I was coming back to Europe from Indonesia and I had my mind set on going to Sweden to spend the summer with my girlfriend. Little did I know that Corona was far from over back than, but that's another adventure.

As I got to Gothenburg in Sweden via a Ferry from Kiel (Germany) for the first time it was kinda exactly what I expected. COld, rainy and pretty dark.

I mean it was my first two hours and I was already FREEZING like a Camel in the Antarctica.

But, my mindset would change soon.

"I was just waiting and imagining what could be next"

As I sat there in a coffee shop waiting for my train towards Karlstad I looked at the people and things happening in-front of me and captured this Swedish man here.

My personal first Sweden moment I gave the title:

"Sitting, waiting. Wishing"

The country side

After making it out to Hagfors and my girlfriends place I was stunned by the beauty of this country.

Lakes, Tiny red houses and so much attention to detail and nature.

People here are so amazingly kind and "normal" in their own amazing way.

There was so much to see and do here, from hikes throughout the forests, boats on the lake and just a bunch of other random adventures.

" A trip of a lifetime "

We visited Stockholm and celebrated the nordic holiday MidSummer in a traditional Swedish way.

The diversity between a city like Stockholm and this little place was an adventure itself and with a sun that basically never sets, we had an amazing summer 2020. Thanks to Malin and her Family and friends.

Oh and of course I drove a Volvo ;)


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