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Stranger Snaps - New York City, USA

streetphotography and strangersnaps in NYC.

A dream for nearly every creator.

Welcome to New York City. The urban paradise for every creator and artist. A never ending amount of possibilities and locations, szenarios and events.

The extra in the ordinary

“ What do you see that you wish others would see, how do you see it and what are feeling ?” - Rome

Taste is different and so is what and how we see with our own eyes. Sometimes you witness a moment which you try to explain to friends or colleagues later and they just don't get it.

November 2019, Brooklyn, New York

November 2019 was a pretty cold but also dry month in the city. Not the perfect conditions for our project but we were excited. Appart from a few work projects we had planned a print collection " Big City Tones " for this month. That meant that we were out on a mission nearly every evening to get some suitable snaps. Together with other NYC photographers like: Tony Lopez (@perceptionshot) or Nick Miller (nick_millers) . . . we roamed the streets of the city and met a lot of other amazing creators along the way

The right moment.

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story"

Getting this one shot that stands out, the one frame that people stop scrolling for. But how?

Well, style and taste is different as we already talked about BUT . . . it's also the moment to truly be an artist and show the world through your eyes.

And here is the one thing that helps me a lot:

First I try to find the right frame and a point of view that I would like to look at myself.

I prefer a big lense like 70 - 200 mm. or a 1.4 85 mm. for many reasons.

For starters, stranger snaps only work if you know what you doing and your settings and frame are ready to go. Doing this in the " run n gun" style can mess up the whole thing and will result into " Oh man, I should have. . .".

We want to avoid this, also we want to avoid focus errors or shutter speed mistakes.

As soon as I'm happy with my place and setup I simply wait for someone interesting to walk into this frame or to happen.


It's hard to describe but for me it's a passion kinda thing. Even after working a job the whole day or on cold and rainy days. I just enjoy to take my camera out for my own projects. Stuff that's not scripted or takes a whole crew. " Just another day in xxx"


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