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The city of Ronda - Andalusia, ES

Working in Spain for three weeks in 2018 I had some "spare" days and decided to go on a Trip to Ronda, in the heart of andalusia.

Late 2018 I was on assignment for a Jewellery/watch brand and several Hotels in Spain and Gibraltar.

“The best sandwich that I ever had”

After a full week of work in the city of Malaga I had exactly one day to myself before We had to drive down to Gibraltar. So, we got up really early and instead of doing the whole "Let's just chill" thing we headed towards Ronda.

Ronda is a beautiful, old and historic city in the heart of andalusia and appart from a really busy and very touristic street in the centre of the little town, it is an absolute stunning place.

on a street "Calle La Bola" was what we were first looking for. A local friend of mine recommend a place called "La Casa del Jamón" a local store where I would have the best sandwich of my life... There's no other point to this story than that. That sandwich was fucking amazing.

Like legit. If you are in Spain... go there...

Back to the topic.

So after having this delicious sandwich (and buying 5 more for "the way", we walked around the rest of this beautiful old town and captured a few impressions.

At that time, even tho i was a full time creator, I didn't always feel like bringing my camera and taking pictures. I wanted to enjoy the moment.

" It was pure joy and life "

Said Christin, a girl i was travelling with. we went by a school just in time as parents picked up their kids and went home. We saw the local boys playing soccer and just enjoyed a great day, food and company in this amazing part of Andalusia


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