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My favourite places - Amsterdam, NL

after spending quite some time in Amsterdam here are my favourite places and things to do.

" First things first, FOOD "

Now personally I'm really into local cousin, doesn’t necessarily mean that I will like it, but you gotta at least try you know.


Basically it's a big food court but in Amsterdam style.

Small places from all around the world present their local food mixed with typically dutch snacks.

It's not only the food but also the location and people that's quite worth the trip. The old tram station looks industrial mixed with modern features. The guest are quite young, funny and international and while you choose what to eat you learn a little something about the tram and history of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Docks

Nikki had a whole day planned and took me to the docks for an art exhibit a flea-market and some drinks, that little smurf. A really local side of amsterdam that I hadn’t ’t really been to before.

Old shipping docks mixed with modern startups, little art shops and a few bars and restaurants around. It has a more "open" character and everything is very chill and lose around here. For Photographers an absolute must visit in my eyes, there's so much to see and explore around its nuts.

The location is something I will definitely use for future projects but, as Nikki got a little inpatient after a while I took her to get some drinkies and lighten the mood ;)

"Let's go for a walk"

In and around the city and a little further from all the touristic streets in areas like "ZUID" you can find all kinds of little shops and bars.

Everything here is a little cheaper and has a little more charisma than the touristy places and in every little side street there's another cool motive or photo waiting for you.

So maybe a good alternative to getting hammered downtown but hey, I'm not judging ;)

Enjoy Amsterdam!


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