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A day with landscaper @kama.sway - Bavaria, GER

A trip to Bavaria with landscape and drone photographer Marc and his dog Barney.

Personally, I do like landscapes and I admire the effort behind every picture, It's definitely something I want to learn more about.

And here comes @kams.sway

“I love adventures bro.”

Marc always had a passion and love for adventures and the mountains.

Skills and hustle

Well, me I had a appointment in the Region of "Fulda" in Bavaria, Germany. Marc had a day off and decided to join me and take me on an adventure "Kama style".

One thing about his adventures, they always turn out to be exhausting.

Behind the shot

Behind every picture is a unique story, we know that, but behind every landscape is an adventure"

If you want to take shots like Marc for example you can get used to getting up very early and staying up somewhere till it's dark.

Unlike Studio or fashion photography you need to have the perfect NATURAL light. This is sunrise or sunset and the hour before and after.

Daylight trip

Unfortunately our trip was a hot summer day with a lot of direct sunlight . we just had a rough idea in mind of what we wanted to capture. We managed to get a few great snaps hiking up the "Wasserkuppe" in Bavaria and even captured a plane landing on a nearby hill.

Marc has a special talent for that kind of photos and he definitely has the hustle and passion for it.

And yes he does, carrying all of his gear around all day, prepared for every weather and situation. Food, Water, Drones, Lenses, Bodys, tripod, etc... you name it.

It was a blast spending a day in the world of this talented creator, make sure you swing by and check him out as well:


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